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AGECityConnect -Universal Gateway to Indexed web sites
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Keywords registration (Sunrise stage)
is now open for Non Corporate /Government Depts

(ie. SMEs, Individuals, NGOs, Non Profits etc) for non trademarked/copyrighted names only.

Currently the AGECityConnect Keywords Registry is under
Sunrise status
(Non trademarked/copyrighted words are now available for registration)

Free to try out for three months
All companies and individuals are free to try out for free, keywords to index to any site. It they do not have their own sites, they can use the "Offers" sites to create their own web site offering products/name cards /special offers etc.

Trademarks and Corporate names
To avoid confusion, all current Trademarks holders and corporations (non SME) should register the the Keywords that they treasure at our AGECityConnect Registry for trademark holders. This would qualify them to get first right of refusal when someone applies to register the said trademark/Corporate related Keywords e.g Samsung, Acer etc.

Official Registration of Keywords is now open for SMEs
After testing the free keywords , Small and Medium Scale businesses can now subscribe officially the keywords for their exclusive use. Corporate or Government to contact us individually for arrangements to register.

The Indexed registry is opened for SMEs, individuals, non Government  Department and non major corporations to subscribe their Keywords after trying out our free registrations.

Try out for free on non exclusive basis**


Free trial registrations of keywords
For those with existing web site links.
Keywords created would be indexed to a web site of your choice.


Free trial registrations of keywords. For those without
web sites. Creates an instant web site with keywords indexed
to the web address. No need to register a web address.

Specially for Name cards, products,



Register to pre-book your trademarked  keywords
Especially important for trademark owners.
Get first call before being taken by others.




Range of videos showing how to register for keywords for all kinds of purposes e.g. for name cards, websites, products, mobile apps, Special offers/flyers etc





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