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A Global Gateway to all websites

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A Global Gateway to all websites
(the fastest browsing experience - try it to believe.)





What are keywords?


These are phone numbers, names, Trademarks , sets of words that are used to
reach web sites through the Universal Gateway page

For example, instead of typing this long  url   one can use "SSM"   through the Global Gateway to reach the site.

Just using ONE Gateway,

"The Star"   -

"Emaklum" -

"019 123456" -

中国报  or CP -  (used in Malaysia)

These are powerful ways to reach out to the customers.


Two types of keywords indexing.

                                                 Test create keywords

Direct indexing
Keywords leading directly to subscriber's web sites.
  e.g. The Star, The Sun, 1Malaysia , Milo video

Only keywords required

Create keyword
(Direct Indexing)


Offers web site indexing
Keywords leading to AGEOffers web sites hosted in AGEoffers' servers (for those who do not have any web site)  e.g. Sample cars, 019 123456

Keywords with web sites
Ideal for sales, MLM, Insurance agents, products promotions

Create Offer indexed

web site

For Testing



AGEOffers helps all advertisers
See the various ways to use AGEOffers keywords. See here

e.g. Classified ads   Sample cars    Sample House   Sample product   Sample church

       Personal promotion site  



AGEoffers keywords - How it works


Advertisers displays with

in various advertising media See here


1. Advertisers place the Keywords in their advertisements  
          See  various types of advertisements
2. Can use any language as key words e.g. Chinese/English names  "Alan  Foo" or

Continue .... here for more details



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