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We are committed to help rural children  to have equitable access to good contents


Pilots 20 telecenters
in collaboration with
Economic Planning Unit of Malaysia
Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Malaysia
Ministry of Information, communications and Culture

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18th November,2009

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Welcome to AGE (All Genius Educator)
We currently offer contents listed below that will be accessible for an entire year.

Free online versions are available for trial use. If you are satisfied then you can register for the full OFFLINE version and use it on a computer without the need for online access. It is cheaper. Use anywhere.

New modules are updated for registered subscribers continuously. So you are not purchasing just what is available now, but continuously more would be added for an entire year for a low promotional package prices stated below.

You can subscribe one subject or multiple  subjects (family package ) at one low price.

Try out the online modules. If happy with it, sign up for the offline modules where it can run without the need for Internet (which is very impractical for use in classes). Current online modules are free!

Purchase a subscription (Windows version only)  and get existing and new modules for 1 year.

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If you are interested to :
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Per year
  Singapore Mathematics
Std 4, 5, 6

Online free



Selection of Singapore Mathematics modules for Standard 4, 5 and 6.
All online modules are free for all to use.
Packaged with family package
for Offline modules.
More offline modules being prepared
Packaged in family package


Chinese Mandarin made Easy.
Show list and free online samples

For those who wish to learn how to speak Mandarin fast and easy can play the modules anytime and anywhere since it runs offline.

Ideal for travelers and those who need basic foundation in Mandarin. Lots of voice guided modules.

More modules added for free download by registered users.


2 Additional Mathematics
Show list and free online modules


O-level SPM Additional Mathematics covering Form 4 and 5 syllabus.

Step by step explanation of each question. Ideal for classroom use and quick revisions.




Primary level English Modules   
UPSR English
Show list and free online modules
English revision for Primary 4,5,6
More modules are added whole year round.


Primary Mathematics - 
UPSR Mathematics
Show list and free online modules 

Mathematics  (English & Malay medium)
Current contents
More modules are added whole year round





Lower secondary English  PMR English
Show list and samples
1. English (ESL) for Form 3 examinations.
More modules are added whole year round


Lower secondary PMR Mathematics
Show list and samples

Mathematics for Form 3

In Family package only




Compilation of more than 400 E books
(selected ones with voice and video)
Show list and samples

Contains Aesop's fables, Children stories, Adventure stories, Novels, Plays, Poems, Science Fictions.






Access to Preschools and Primary schools years 1, 2 and 3 contents.
Currently being prepared.

In Family package only
9      Primary 1, 2, 3 subjects.

Access to Primary schools years 1,2,4 contents.
These are to be added when ready.


under preparation
under Family package only


Family package for all.

All above subjects together.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +7 + 8
plus others added throughout the year.
Plus  Singapore Maths 4, 5,6

All subjects listed above combined plus misc modules  at one price. One license reads all.


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  Download AGE tools and sample modules 

(Contains AGE engine + sample modules )

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